This award is given to designers or organizations whose projects have contributed
to a sustainable daily life that aims for a harmonious relationship between people,
society and the environment.

It began as the city of Seoul declared
‘Human City Design Seoul’ in 2018 embracing
the demands of the times for a sustainable
urban environment where all citizens can
enjoy a creative life overcoming the
problems they face.

Towards creating a sustainable daily life in which people and the environment are in harmony, Seoul announced the launch of the Human City Design Award in 2018 with the declaration of “Human City Design Seoul.”

The desire for a sustainable daily life leading to a better future as expressed in the declaration and award is a common hope not only in Seoul but around the world. However, this cannot be achieved by one city alone. It is a path that must be explored together as we share and hear success stories from all corners of the globe. This is what led to creation of this global design award.

In order to include a wider range of creative examples of sustainable daily life for a better future, while preserving the purpose and value of the widely appealing Human City Design Award, the name was changed to the “Seoul Design Award, for Sustainable Life.”

We look forward to your interest and participation in the “Seoul Design Award, for Sustainable Life,” which seeks to move together with the globe towards the future in an ever-changing world.

Seoul Design Award for Sustainable Daily Life