The Jury

The Jury Committee is composed of experts in the design field.
The Jury members discuss everyday problem solving.

For the screening, the jury are looking at creative ideas whether the design’s theme is sustainable and solves the problems involved with the city life
Lu Xiaobo Lu Xiaobo
Lu Xiaobo
Experience & Information Design
  • Dean of Smart Innovation Design Institute of Tsinghua University
  • Director of the Teaching Steering Committee of Design Disciplines of the Ministry of Education China
Sevra Davis Sevra Davis
Sevra Davis
Urban Design & Design Thinking
  • Director of Architecture Design and Fashion, The British Council
Kazuo Tanaka Kazuo Tanaka
Kazuo Tanaka
Urban Design & Design Thinking
  • President / CEO, GK Design Group Inc.
  • Executive Advisor of Japan Industrial Design Association (JIDA)
Ezio Manzini Ezio Manzini
Ezio Manzini
Design for social innovation
  • President of DESIS Network
  • Honorary Professor of Politecnico di Milano
  • Author of “Design, When Everybody Designs.”
Ahmad Bukhash Ahmad Bukhash
Ahmad Bukhash
Architecture & Urban Planning
UAE(Middle East)
  • Director of Urban Planning, Dubai Development Authority (DDA)
Birgit Lohmann Birgit Lohmann
Birgit Lohmann
Design Media
  • Co-founder and advisor of Designboom Magazine
Dominique Sciamma Dominique Sciamma
Dominique Sciamma
Global Design, UX, UI, AI
  • Director & Dean of CY école de Design
  • President of APCI Promotion du design
Patricia Moore Patricia Moore
Patricia Moore
Universal Design
USA(North America)
  • President of MooreDesign Associates
Mariana Amatullo Mariana Amatullo
Mariana Amatullo
Design Management, Design for Social Innovation
USA(North America)
  • Vice Provost and Academic Dean, Continuing and Professional Education, Parsons School of Design, The New School
Kunpyo Lee Kunpyo Lee
Kunpyo Lee
Experience & Service Design
Republic of Korea(Asia)
  • Dean of School of Design of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Paolo Bergomi Paolo Bergomi
Paolo Bergomi
Industrial Design & Curator
Argentina(South America)
  • President of Latin American Design Association (ALADI)
Dontae Lee Dontae Lee
Dontae Lee
Industrial Design
Republic of Korea(Asia)
  • President of Design Strategy Center, Lotte Holdings
Suzanne Cotter Suzanne Cotter
Suzanne Cotter
Contemporary Art & Architecture
  • Director, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia
Kyungae Han Kyungae Han
Kyungae Han
Fashion Design
Republic of Korea(Asia)
  • Vice president of FnC, KOLON INDUSTRIES
Hicham Lahlou Hicham Lahlou
Hicham Lahlou
Interior Architect & Designer
  • Founder Africa Design Organization
  • Special Envoy & Advisor of the President of the World Design Organization (WDO)